My Client Portfolio

Assuring client value and achieving impressive return on investment for the businesses I work with is extremely important, both to me and to them. My client portfolio reflects the diversity of projects and programmes I have led and the benefits we have achieved together.

Banking & Financial Services Clients

Lloyds Banking Group logo - LBG saw client value from day one and exploited the opportunity

Multiple Major / Core Programmes – delivering client value for LBG

Initially engaged by Lloyds to support the Finance Change Director with the establishment of an Inbound Change function for Group Finance, I was subsequently asked to lead the delivery of a number of major, complex and time-sensitive programmes.

Client Value

Select the links below to find out more about the value I delivered for Lloyds Banking Group. These four programmes averaged a Return on Investment (ROI) greater than 4.3X

Establish a new Inbound Change Function for Group Finance

Lead Group Finance activities for BCBS 239 Compliance Programme

Global Transaction Banking Transformation Programme – Finance Workstream.

MBNA Acquisition Readiness Programme

Corporate information about Lloyds Banking Group can be found on their website.

Nationwide Building Society Logo - find out how I delivered client value for Nationwide Building Society

Transforming the delivery of change at NBS

I led Nationwide’s £25m Solution Lifecycle Transformation Programme, delivering a modern and efficient solution delivery methodology.

Client Value

Exploitation of this new capability enabled reduction in the costs of delivering change by up to 20% – a potential annual saving of £100m over a £500m change portfolio for Nationwide. That’s a 4X Return on Investment (ROI).

More detail on the Solution Lifecycle Transformation Programme here.

Further information about Nationwide can be found on their website.

Hodge Bank logo - I delivered significant client value for Hodge Bank

Finance Transformation Programme

I supported Hodge Bank to develop a technology roadmap for Corporate Operations (Finance, Treasury and People Services), and worked with the CFO and CTO to lead their Finance Transformation, integrating Finance and Treasury systems with the data warehouse. The programme remediated all regulatory reporting issues, closed a number of audit actions and delivered significant process efficiency.

Client Value

120% Return on Investment. Find out more about the value I delivered and the programme outcomes here.

Further information about Hodge Bank can be found on their website.

NFP, PPP & Charities Clients

I have also completed a number of shorter consulting engagements with Not-for-profit, Public / Private Partnership and Charity organisation. Whilst far smaller than by Banking & Financial Services clients, these have also achieved significant client value, averaging 5.5X ROI.

Asteral logo - Client value for Public Private Partnership organisation was massive, better than 11 X ROI

Transformation Programme Mobilisation

I was approached to provide Asteral with ERP selection expertise and mobilise their Transformation Programme after the initial business case for the programme had been rejected by the Board on cost grounds. After supporting the development of a revised business case which secured Board support, I was asked to mobilise the Transformation Programme, commencing with leading the ITT process for a new ERP solution.

Client Value

I was able to exceed expectations significantly. Based on the proposed costs of the rejected business case, I was able to offer an ROI of 12X. More information here.

Asteral has since merged with another organisation, MESA, and is now part of the Althea Group. To find out more about Althea, click here

Institution for Civil Engineers logo - I delivered significant client value for this valued Not-for-Profit client

Internal Process & Controls Assurance / Cost Reduction Assessment

ICE’s Finance Director asked me to undertake an assurance review and investigate opportunities to reduce costs in the Corporate Services function. I was asked to lead a follow-on project to implement one of the cost saving opportunities identified.

Client Value

Better than 5X ROI achieved overall.

Significant cost saving opportunities identified and minor gaps in the controls framework identified. More information here.

To find out more about the charity, click here. ICE is a Not-for-Profit organisation, run for the benefit of its members. Registered charity number 210252.

The Charity for Civil Servants logo - learn how I delivered client value for  CSBF

Chart of Accounts Optimisation

I was pleased to be able to support the Finance Director (and a former colleague) at The Charity for Civil Servants when she asked me to get involved with the definition and optimisation of a new Chart of Accounts.

Client Value

3X Return on Investment. Find out more about how I helped to assure the optimisation of their new CoA here.

To find out more about the charity, click here

Elizabeth Finn Fund logo - I supported EFHL with ERP solution optimisation

ERP Training and Solution Optimisation

I was recommended by another charity sector client to support Elizabeth Finn with a solution optimisation review and deliver training to system users at Elizabeth Finn Fund. The charity felt that their process efficiency had not improved after implementing a new ERP solution.

Client Value

160% Return on Investment. More information on how I helped Elizabeth Finn to improve efficiency and reduce costs here.

To find out more about the charity (since re-branded as Turn2Us) click here


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