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Asteral Limited was a PPP specialist provider of healthcare technology solutions for the public sector. It has since merged with MESA and is now part of the Althea Group,the world’s largest independent provider of medical equipment services. Althea manage 1.4 million medical devices in 1,700 hospitals and healthcare establishments across 18 countries. I helped then to develop a viable business proposition and mobilise their Technology Transformation Programme.


Develop the proposal to secure funding and allow mobilisation of the Technology Transformation Programme


4 months, £60k.

Following inability to get Board support for the original business case, I was asked to support the development of a new proposal to secure funding for Asteral’s Technology Transformation Programme. Bringing my knowledge of the ERP market to bear, and working collaboratively with several board members, I was able to identify a number of challenger solutions to that initially proposed which would better suit the needs of the business at a significantly lower cost.

Providing a business solution unique in the UK (leasing and maintenance of £multi-million healthcare devices such as MRI scanners to the NHS), Asteral had only looked at solutions operated by similar organisations globally. I was able to elicit detailed business requirements, and identify several viable, alternate solutions which would fully meet their needs.

The new proposal and funding request was approved, enabling the mobilisation of the Transformation Programme, which I was also asked to lead. I directed and oversaw the ITT process to select an appoint an ERP solution provider, before handing over to the internal change delivery team to manage implementation and further phases of the programme.


ROI 12.5X

The revised business proposal enabled security of funding and enabled programme mobilisation. The ERP solution selected enabled year one implementation and operational cost savings in excess of £750k.

More information on the business today can be found here


Programme Leadership

My expertise and guidance enabled Asteral to commence their business transformation journey. I will support yours too.

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